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Best Pornstars


03 Jul 2023, 20:21 - Category: Babe


Polly Pons - Best of XXX French, Thai Pornstar 


For the people who don’t know Polly Pons, she is a French Thai porn star with subtle tattoos, and has a clit piercing, along with a belly button piercing. With deep dark brown eyes and a body to die for, it’s safe to say that this woman certainly raises the bar for pornography. In this post we have compiled some of the best VR porn action from this porn superstar that will leave wanting more and including Polly as one of your new top favs.



Christmas Bashing - Polly Pons & Alexa Flexy


Every year, you and your girl fight to see who can get the best present. This year, you manage to find her a stunning diamond pendant, and you’re certain you’ve got the win in the bag. Unfortunately, Polly is full of surprises and she has given you a gift that is truly unbeatable. She is offering up her stepsister for you to fuck. 

She has tied her to the bed and although you might have lost the competition, it’s safe to say that this is one moment you are never going to forget. This is the ultimate present and this is one you are never going to be able to top. So grab your VR headset and get ready to fuck these two beauties in stunning 5K VR quality. These girls are here to please and if you’re after a VR anal porn experience unlike any other, then you’ve found what you are looking for.



Tantric Paradise - Polly Pons & Megan Venturi 


You run a massage academy known as Tantric Paradise. It turned out to be a huge success when you launched it, and you have women queuing up at the door for your masterclass. There’s a very good reason for it as well. The girls love to take a more hands-on approach and they want nothing more than to take their understanding of sexual pleasure to a whole new level. 

Today, you are teaching Megan and Polly the secret of sexual therapy. Your student duties include being given a sexual, slippery massage. Your students are willing to surrender to your tantric cock and they will stop at nothing to give you the fuck of a lifetime.



Standing To Attention - Polly Pons


You have been trying to wrap your head around the Thai language for quite some time now. You have since enlisted the help of the famous Polly Pons. She is a Thai beauty and she has the best tits you have ever seen. She has some tongue twisters for you as well. As it turns out, it’s not easy having a teacher who is so irresistible. 

You can barely hear a word she is saying, because you are so horny that you can’t think about anything other than pounding her with your raging boner. Your teacher has years of experience and she is always able to tell when a student is drifting off. She can tell that you need a break and she is happy to give it to you. She gives you a bit of a solo show to wake you up a bit and then gives you the blowjob of a lifetime. Soon after this, she finishes you off with a classroom fuck session. 

You might not have been able to focus before, but now your raging boner is standing to attention. You will probably fail your Thai language class, but when it comes to fucking, you’re an A student. Get your headset, because this new VR porn video is not to be missed.



Silk A XXX Parody - Polly Pons


Things didn’t end well for Spider-Gwen, did they? This wound is still a little raw. As they say though, the best way for you to get over someone is to get under someone else. That is why you have been rolling under the covers with Silk as of late. 

Things are moving a bit quickly, I mean, she has been at your place for five nights in a row now and you’re starting to think she might be under the impression that this relationship is more than a quick fuck. You couldn’t be more wrong though. Silk shows up and tells you that it’s time to put a stop to everything. Even though the sex is spectacular, and the intimate conversations are great, you both know that it is going to interfere with your work. Today, it’s over, and it’s time to move on. That being said, she’s randy as fuck and she can’t wait to strip you down one last time. 

Things soon escalate and before you know it, you are pounding underneath the sheets once more. After all, you just can’t help yourself when someone as hot as that is offering you sweaty, steamy sex.

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