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Escorts For Couples: What You Need To Know


16 Aug 2023, 14:00 - Category: Hardcore

There comes a time in the sex life of any couple when they have to talk about inviting other people into the bedroom. Having a threesome is the fantasy of almost all men. It usually involves having a threesome with two women. But plenty of women dream of a threesome that usually involves two men. If you and your partner are over the talking stage about a threesome or swinging, but you’re unsure whom to involve in your naughty adventures, the best answer can be found on a site like Escort World. Hiring an escort for this experience is easy, fast, and drama-free. You won’t have to worry about the feelings between your partner and the third person. Escorts are professional sex workers who won’t try to seduce your partner. Here are some things you should know about hiring escorts as a couple. Read the following paragraphs, and you’ll be able to find the best escorts for your situation.


Solo Girls For Cuckqueens And Bisexual Wives 


If you are an extra cool wife who wants to amaze her husband with the gift of another woman’s body, hiring an escort is the easiest way of pleasing his threesome fantasies. You won’t have to decide on a friend to join the two of you in the bedroom. Not all escorts are down for threesomes. Most of them might accept a cuckqueen situation in which they agree to have sex with your husband while you’re watching. They wouldn’t mind if you’d be masturbating the whole time. But if you want to participate in a threesome with an escort and your husband, ask the escort if she’s down for bisexual kinks. Some escorts might agree to a threesome in which you both please him, but not all are willing to go for lesbian kinks. A bisexual threesome will usually cost a bit extra. But it’s all worth it in the end. Bisexual escorts are just as good at pleasing women as they are at pleasing men. 



Bulls For Cuckolds


Although they are scarce, sites like Escort Worls host male escorts for women. And they’re ready to play the role of a bull in a cuckolding threesome. You will find excellent bulls for your wives on this site. Way better than any of your friends or a stranger from Craigslist. You are guaranteed that these guys have dicks big enough to ensure your wife will have an out-of-body experience. And most of them are handsome men in their 30s who will impress your lady with their muscles and stamina. The best way of approaching a cuckolding threesome with a male escort is to have it happen on neutral grounds. You should arrange the meeting in a hotel room. In this way, everything will feel comfortable for you, as you won’t have to welcome a more handsome man into your home. It will feel like an orgasmic vacation because you can leave it all behind once you leave the hotel room. It’s also a good idea to have your wife sharing experiences while visiting another town. 



Escort Couples For Crazy Swinging Nights


If you’re not yet comfortable with sharing your partner and just watching them have sex with a stranger, then you should consider hiring a couple for a swinging experience. A swinging foursome will make you and your partner more comfortable with the whole idea. You won’t feel jealous of your partner for having sex with someone else because you’re doing the same. And your partner won’t feel guilty for enjoying getting fucked by a stranger, either. Although couples are hard to find on escort sites, those who are active will baffle you. In most cases, they’re also a real-life couple, and they know what they’re doing. Some of them do it for the fun of it, rather than for money. And they will initiate you in the beautiful world of swinging. 


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