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How to start a conversation about having anal sex with your partner?

27 Sep 2023, 10:26 - Category: Hardcore


Watching nude pussy pics with your partner and asking her for anal sex for the first time is two very different things that you have to approach differently as well. When it comes to incorporating anal sex into your daily sex life with your partner, you should know that it is a very delicate matter. 


You have so many things to consider before you have ‘the talk’ with your partner about having anal sex. The last thing you want is to come out as a pervert. Yes, if you don’t think about the matter of having anal sex from her perspective, then you might end up offending her. 


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Trying different things in the bedroom will keep your sex life fresh and enjoyable. And, anal sex is one thing that will help you in keeping your sex life healthy. However, you have to be smart in approaching and taking that matter to your partner. You just cannot do this randomly. 


Many people have done things randomly and as a result, found themselves in hot waters with their partners. Let’s be honest unless you carefully initiate the conversation of having anal sex, it can destroy your relationship. However, if you know how to approach it, the results can be sweet. 


Now, you would be scratching your head thinking how you can start the conversation about having anal sex in your bedroom. That is why in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to start a conversation about having anal sex with your partner.


Research and learn


The first and foremost thing you have to do even before you start the conversation with your partner about having anal sex is research and learn. There are a lot of things that you only know from porn movies about anal sex. That will not help when you try in real life. 


You have to understand that porn movies are fictional and therefore if you want to execute those things in your sex life, it can be a bit problematic. You have to be realistic. Therefore, you can find blogs where people have explained how they trained anal sex and learn from them.


Start with sex toys


Although this is the 21st century, some people are still not inclined to use sex toys in the bedroom. If this happens in your sex life as well, then you can try incorporating sex toys first. This will open up you and your partner to a whole new world of sexual exploration. 


Your partner will be open to trying new things as well. If your goal is to try anal sex, then you have to make sure that you are buying sex toys that will facilitate your needs. You will find many sex toys that will surely help you in playing with your partner’s vagina as well as the anus.


Look, using sex toys can surely enhance the pleasure of anal sex. Therefore, if you try to use the sex toys in her anus first and then try penetration, then it will give her the maximum pleasure. So, take baby steps first and you can start that by incorporating sex toys in your bedroom play. 


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Sit down and calmly explain


One of the best ways you can start a conversation about having anal sex with your partner is by sitting down with her calmly and then explaining to her what you want to do. When you have done your research, about having anal sex, it will surely help in explaining it to her.


And, you have to be good at communication. You need to make sure you are convincing your partner without forcing her. If she thinks that you are forcing her, then the outcome could be negative. Therefore, make sure you are calmly explaining why you want to have anal sex with your partner.


The bottom line


Finally, if you have anal sex with your partner, it will surely help in making your sex life better. Anal sex is that sexual exploration that can give you pleasures that you and your partner never experienced in your life before. Therefore, make sure you convince your partner by talking to her properly about having anal sex.


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